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Nancy Drew Game Reviews Re-written Part 1

I have re-written them, now.

Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor 5/5 (CUR)
Initially I didn't like the design and talking 3-D people very much, but nevertheless, the mystery was very good and it took me ages to complete the game, even with all the hints. I would have never guessed the culprit. I did stop playing for a few months and our computer crashed, but luckily we got all our data back and my saved game! When I finally decided to continue, I only had three more puzzles to finish! And oh how clever I felt when I figured out the final puzzle! High point: Bul. :) Low point: Moving rooms.

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion 3/5 (MHM)
After I completed Blackmoor Manor, I thought, it was a good game, but I don't think I will be playing these again. But then, this as new game on BFG and I thought it was the latest one. To my surprise, it was a bit too much like Blackmoor Manor, and compared to that, really short and quite predictable. Later I found out that it was the third game in the series that had been made. But it had it spooky moments and I did guess the culprit before the end. And even though I got "killed" a few times, I figured the final puzzle out by myself. :) High point: Getting thrown out because I got caught snooping at the wrong time. I thought it was quite like real life and that made me laugh. Low point: boring passageways.

Nancy Drew - Secret Of The Old Clock 5/5 (CLK)

I bought this on my birthday! Absolutely loved that one. It was set in the 30s, the background music was fantastic and puzzles were great, too. Plus, you got to drive a tiny car around the town! What fun! :D Incidentally, it was the game made right after Blackmoor Manor, so it must have been good. :P I liked the way it wasn't spooky or scary, just fun and full of puzzles. And I liked the way everything was "adapted" back to the thirties. I didn't guess the culprit in this game, and it was totally unexpected! Also, all the games I had played by then had had the kitchens destroyed, so I thought the makers didn't like cooking! High point: Music and photographs. Low point: Fishing, because I hadn't gone and read the right book yet.

Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships 3/5 (RAN)
It's one of the latest ones, I think they have made only one after that for now. Though it was quite good and fun, I felt it was going on tooo long. There was too much running around between the furthest points of the map, and almost always you had to go back to some really obscure place to retrieve some little, yet crucial item. But. The twist in the end was great, at least for me. It was great how it kept you guessing. :) And even though this game had ots of quite hard puzzles/tasks in, like diving and sailing, the sunny weather and general laid-back feeling give it a point up. Of all the games I've played (and yes, that is all of them :D) this is one I have actually re-played, and that's especially because of the sun. (A great game in November, when the weather was absolutely horrible!) High point: Beating the monkeys in their games. Low point: The digging puzzle. It took me ages to figure out the instructions and I had to ask Frank's help as well!

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek 2/5 (ICE)
I don't know why I quickly started feeling bored with it, the scenes were nice and different and it had funny little games. Though I did guess who the villain was about halfway through. I guess it was the wolf in the end, it acted not very wolf-like. Or the fact that you couldn't just go outside all the time,so it felt a bit... cramped. Or that everything progressed so slowly and often you didn't have anything to do, because you had to wait to cook or the morning or you had to come back to perform some chores. But that's just me. It had nice little references to other games I recognised. :D And the phone numbers... I also thought that I got a spoiler about Blue Moon Canyon, and I was a bit annoyed, because I had bought the three - ICE, FIN and TRN together. I should have played it first, I thought! :) Sadly, re-playing it hasn't made it better, if anything, then even a bit worse. High point: Cooking, if you didn't have to come back while you were in the middle of snooping. Low point: Cooking, if you had to come back while in the middle of finding something important out.

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene 1/5 (FIN)

The poorest game I've played yet. Then again, it was, the fifth game they made. I missed the little task list, the absence of it made me run around like headless chicken, I didn't know where to go or what to do most of the time. I had to look up so many things in walkthroughs. Also, in some places I clearly overthought it, after playing the more complex games. Solutions were much simpler in many places. I thought I would love it, because it was set in a theatre - and the design was lovely - but it just lacked something. And again, I kind of guessed who was responsible before the end. It was really obvious, actually. I got through it by constantly looking up what I had to do. Now, after playing all the earlier games, I should give it a go again, and I will. After I finish my current re-play of ICE, I will start from the begininng and play through all of the games in the right order. :)  High point: Nicholas Falcone. Low point: Brady Armstrong.

Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon 4/5 (TRN)

Now that was one of the middle ones again, it came out after the Secret of the Old Clock, so I expected much of it. And it didn't really disappoint me, there was mystery and lovely gadgets and loads of games (funny things was that the concept of one of the door locks was exactly like one in Final Scene I had just played previously :) and intresting hints just fit for my low intelligence. :) I think the reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 is that it felt too short. But I did play it almost constantly for a whole day. :P I liked to feel really clever, because I figured most of the hints our myself, and the culprit was a total surprise! High point: Figuring the dolls out. Low point: Removing the beams.

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