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Semper ubi sub ubi!

I am officially a fan of Nancy Drew games. :D They are great. Clever puzzles, quite a bit of humour in them, mystery and fun hints to other games in the series. I've played quite a few since I last reviewed some. Read that post here.

I have reviewed and added to this post now.

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy 4/5
The latest one in BigFish (still). I was playing it while I wrote that first post. Well, I finished. :) The whole set of rooms turned out to be a bit disappointing to me, still. But the puzzles and tasks were good and story, if a bit unbelievable, was allright. I did guess the culprit before end. Kind of. I did lean towards her quite heavily thrgough the game. The end puzzle was very interesting, and I failed several times before passing. :) Thinking back to it (and it was fairly long time ago, now), it had just the right balance of snooping and puzzles. I am not sure how much I liked the whole girls' school thing and texting, but it had its moments. Like when I managed to finish the US map puzzle about ten times faster than I thought I would. :D High point: Snack Shop. Low point: star puzzle in the cellar.

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design 4/5
I was naughty with this one and torrented it. But I have legally bought it as well now, since BigFish didn't have any other ones left. :P I enjoyed this one very much, it had fun characters and tasks and you got to go around Paris in the Metro. The whole story was nicely done and quite believable (for me anyway). Nice music, good food and fun characters and tasks. Also, the books. Hilarious. :D High point: cookie baking and painting. Low point: catching cocroaches (I don't really like creepy-crawlies. Brrr.)

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave 4/5
One of the middle ones with the first "tasklist" design. I really enjoyed it, especially the fishing and finding shells. The end was very surprising to me, I never would have guessed. It had some great puzzles and good snooping, and I spent way too much time fishing. Also, the music was good. I recently discovered a channel in Youtube where you can listen to some of it and have fallen in love with one called "Bugs". I am really looking forward to playing that one again! :) High point: fishing and necklace-making. Low point: Bug sorting. Ew.

Nancy Drew - Legend of the Crystal Skull 2/5
I don't know why I didn't like it that much, maybe again because the whole place was meant to be in one little house, or because I couldn't really do the whole graveyard race. A bit spooky game, which it was meant to be, I guess. Or maybe because I had expected so much of it because the name was intriguing. However, it lacked something when I played it and I don't really like scary and gross for the sake of it. (I mean - eyeballs, teeth and graveyard? Not my idea of fun.) However, when I will get round to playing it again, maybe I do change my mind a bit. The puzzles were allright really. But this game has my major peeve: it doesn't have enough rooms in it. When we first arrive, it's a three-storey house with about 4 windows on every floor in the front. Inside, though, we can go up to the first landing only and there are just two rooms. There are no other doors or any other way to get to the highest floor. And only two downstairs as well. And even with the secret room there are only five. I guess the game-makers were too busy with the massive cemetary. :S High point: gumbo. Low point: graveyard race.

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice 5/5
Quite the opposite with this game, though. I dreaded it, because I thought the name was stupid (that might come from my not very amiable relationship with the "Phantom" books set in France around the French Revolution or sth. I can't remember much anymore, but what I do is that there were like 20+ books in the series and I read around 10 before I gave up, because you NEVER FOUND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT THE PHANTOM. Nothing. No name, no face, no anything. Though, maybe that was the point. :P) Anyway, the game I ended up loving. It was clever, fun and I discovered a new card game in it: Scopa. We still play it, well, occasionally. Frank went off it a bit after I won several games in a row with huge amounts of points and scopas. :D I did guess who the culprit was, again, but it wasn't that hard. All the things pointed towards one person. But it was great. I also liked the music and the overall a bit carefree mood. Which of course changed quickly with some dangerous tasks. :) There were a few really hard puzzles and a maze, which I really enjoyed. High point: Scopa. Low point: chess.

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy 4/5
After sunny Venice, back to damp Ireland at night. There were quite a few funny puzzles, especially in the pub. I liked the drum game, and laughed out loud when, after the first try, failing miserably, the old man said "well, that's made my mood worse than ever". (I was supposed to play to make him feel happier so he would tell me things I wanted to know.) I kind of guessed the end, but not very long before the game finished. One point for music as well, it was nice. High point: drumming. Low point: chemical puzzle (I cannot remember how many times I blew it! Literally. Up. :D)

Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower 4/5
It was one of the early games, so no task list or anything. These I have usually found quite hard, however, this being one of the later early games (umm, yes, hope that wasn't too weird) it did have nice hints. The whole game was quite easy and straightforward, I only had to go to the walkthrough twice. :) I did like the story behind it, although it wasn't that believable, and the interior was nice, too. Lots of snooping, which I am warming to, as opposed to loads of puzzles in later games. High point: Prof. Hotchkiss. Low point: weird hotspots in navigating.

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand 5/5
Next early one, but it did quite look like the middle ones. All the crucial characteristics were there. You had a laptop to read your notes on, about what you had done already - very handy, and a little tasklist in the museum lab. Also, Sonny Joon AND Krolmeister appeared in this one! :) I really liked it, it was so interesting to go round the museum and find out about the Maya, and I only wish some real museums around here would have the same kind of "game-pyramid" type of displays to amuse the visitors. If all the museums were like that, there would be no problem getting kids to like them! I The puzzles were great, not too hard, but interesting enough and the end was really spooky! Very, very spooky. Luckily I haven't had nightmares yet. Oh, and I was quite sure I knew whodunnit before the end. Yep, I was right. :) High point: Pyramid. Low point: annoying "potter's wheel" thingy in the lab.

Looking forward to the next one!

All for now,


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