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Peace out, Nancy Drew! :)

More game reviews. These are the last ones I have played, and also, the last ones made at the moment. Wow. I have played all of them! :O

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake 5/5 (DOG)
This game came right after Secret of the Scarlet Hand. It was, again, one of those games I dreaded to play, because for some reason the name and/or thumbnail didn't impress me. And again, how wrong could I be! It was great. It didn't start up that well, but very soon it grabbed my interest. And it had a very spooky scene with the dogs quite near the start, which kept haunting me throughout the game! All in all nicely designed, great outdoors scenes and interesting history references with, as usual, quirky characters and fun little minigames and tasks everyone gives you (as always :), like forest maze, taking photos of birds and collecting live bait. I did guess the culprit before the end, and failed to do the final escape a few times. High point: the views and the sounds. Low point: gravestone puzzle.

The Haunted Carousel 3/5 (CAR)
I had expected a bit more of this game, although I was aware this isn't generally peoples' favourite game. It just was a little bit... bland in the end. Although, after a replay, it feels a bit better and more interesting, especially in the light of playing them in order. The whole business with the stolen horse wasn't that captivating, and there was another, just as important storyline going on, so the game couldn't concentrate on just one and make the most of it. Also, still annoying that Nancy had a laptop in her hotel room and couldn't carry a notebook with her! Guessed the culprit halfway through, and failed to do the final puzzle several times. :D I wish there had been more things to do with all the attractions and some different ones. High point: shorthand. Low point: Barnacle Blast. And you had to play it.

Secrets Can Kill 3/5 (SCK)
For the first Nancy Drew game ever, it wasn't that bad, especially in the second half. However, the first half with all the deciphering of the weird messages (and who could have left them! I mean, no-one except the dead guy knew about EVERYTHING that was going on) was really quite boring, after being used to all the "akshun" in later games. :) Also, it was weird that the scenes were in 3D, but all characters were drawn as cartoons. However, the pace picked up and there were some quite nice and clever puzzles and snooping around. And the story itself was very good. High point: boiler room. Low point: finding all the messages in the different codes.

Stay Tuned For Danger 4/5 (STFD)
This was the second game ever made. And it didn't look much different from any other early games. Nice scenes, good characters, lots of snooping and a few adrenalin moments. I did have to refer to walkthroughs quite a lot, as you had to do lots of things in certain order to trigger later scenes and conversation cues. As someone said in the official forums: Patience, and do everything again. These early games can be so capricious. :) Although I had had a spoiler about the culprit, in the end I didn't really mind. AND you can guess who the culprit was, which is unique in the regular ND games. (We'll talk about Dossiers later.) High point: guessing the baddie. Low point: Rick Arlen. :D

Danger on Deception Island 3/5 (DDI)
Again, the final score is to do with my expectations. On the trailer, it looked really good. I hadn't been too impressed with the screen shots and name, but the trailer really hyped it for me. :) The story was alright in the end, and for once I failed to be sure about who was the one behind it all. Not enough fun minigames and annoying cycling and kayaking. However, I did like the background story and some puzzles, like the cards and finding clams. But again, in the end I had the feeling that something was missing. High point: Rosebud puzzles. Low point: kayaking.

Resorting to Danger 4/5 (RED)
Now this is the second of the Dossier games. They aren't like regular ND games, instead you have to find all hidden shining objects and pair them correctly (key and door etc). Nice little twist to the HOGs, and great storyline. It looked a bit different, too - it's drawn instead of being in 3D. Lots of fun minigames, AND again, you were able to guess who the culprit was. It has a nice twist, as well. All in all, a very interesting and enjoyable light game. High point: Face-masks and ladies in the maze. Low point: I wish they had had all the minigames in Arcade mode. I really liked one of them, but I cannot remember which one right now. :)

Secret of the Shadow Ranch 4/5 (SHA)
This game had it all - treasure hunt, fun characters, interesting minigames, some spooky moments, vegetables, cake and horses. :) I really liked it, though some bits were a little scary and lonely. And the last timed puzzle! My god! I failed so many times that Nancy started giving me hints! :D It was really spooky! I guessed the culprit halfway through - again. It was made right before my first one - the Blackmoor Manor, and it was the first one with proper tasklist. High point: Horse-riding and vegetables. Low point: snakes and scorpions.

Lights, Camera, Curses 3/5 (LCC)
This is the first Dossier game. (Sadly, as I have heard, the making of the third one has been postponed indefinitely. I cannot understand why.) While it was quite nice, somehow the puzzles and setting didn't do it for me as well as Resorting to Danger. Also, the ending was a bit too similar to Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, at least to my taste. It was nice to have different endings, depending how many points you collected, though it was hard to get the top score! High point: Artwork. Low point: Bombs.

Trail of the Twister 3/5 (TOT)
It didn't impress me when I saw the trailer in the end of WAC and then it did with the one on the website and in the end it failed again. Sure there were fun things to do, and I got an Easter Egg! (It was easy) and the sweets were fun. But there were too many chores to do every day instead of snooping and actual storm-chasing. I guess it's like real life, though. :) One good thing - I didn't guess the culprit, at all. I had no idea where to start, really! High point: Getting the box. Low point: driving. Oh how boring after Secret of the Old Clock!

Shadow at the Water's Edge 5+/5 (SAW)
THIS must definitely be my absolute favourite game so far (and there aren't any more at the moment even made :)). Japan - which is like my fav country after UK - learning about other cultures, great puzzles and minigames, and it's REALLY SCARY. Oh yeah. And Rentaro - my new favourite nerd. :) It is a beautiful, interesting, haunting educational game with great music and nice scenes. High point: Renograms (Rentaro's puzzles) and music. Low point: Sudokus (I normally like them, but they are quite tedious if you have to do 8 in a row) and Pachinko - to a certain extent.

Secrets Can Kill Remastered 3/5 (SCK-R)
I was a bit unimpressed with it. Not that much had changed, apart from one new character and ending - which was a great puzzle for me, but the graphics were a bit boring. And the 3D-d characters didn't actually look as nice as the cartoons, if that makes any sense! I did like the way some of the solutions to the tasks were different, like getting into the teachers' lounge and the boiler room. And, luckily, it didn't have as many weird messages to decipher, and they were made a little bit more rewarding. High point: Cool Easter Egg Low point: Barnacle Blast. (You didn't have to play it this time, but I wanted to beat all the levels in that stupid game. :D)

That's all, folks! Will have to wait for The Captive Curse now! :S

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