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NB! Nancy Drew games are the property of Her Interactive and Nancy Drew is a trademark by Simon and Schuster. I am just a fan of the games.

NNB! These printable pages are not a walkthrough. They don't include solutions to "action" puzzles, like sliders, buttons in a sequence, marble moving etc. They do include things that you would usually write down yourself - phone numbers, maps, door codes, decoded notes etc. I have included some screenshots.

You can see all the pages here.

This clue-book is meant for a player who has already solved the games and would like to replay the games without taking all of the notes again. It also includes fun things, like cookies, glitches, awards and easter eggs.

At the moment I have done the first 8 games, with dividers, cover and codes pages.

The pages are made for printing on both sides of an A4 sheet. The format is A5, which means that they should be cut along the grey line in the middle. I recommend slightly heavier paper than usual - I use 90gsm myself at the moment. There are also some dividers, 2 games on the same page, so as to not waste any paper. For dividers and cover, I recommend (different-)coloured printer card.

To print on both sides of the page, print the first one, then flip the page horizontally and insert it into the printer again. Be careful not to turn it around or the other pages will come out upside down! (Your printer might be different though, so check before doing any "proper" printing.)

Some of the games have more than 4 A5 pages. I have included these extra pages with the next game that has only 2 A5 pages. (STFD page 5 is with TRT and SSH pages 5 and 6 are with DOG. Just cut and rearrange them.)

If, while printing, you should get a message saying something like "the picture is too big, some clipping will occur", do not worry, just click "OK" or "Ignore" or "Continue". This is because regular printers leave a 5mm border around the page in case the sheet is misaligned. I have already taken that into account. The only thing that will be "clipped" is the grey cutting line in the middle. You don't have to re-size the picture to fit the page either. Just set it to "Landscape" and "Text with Graphics".

I made the notebook with a bit of colour - red titles, but there are some screenshots. Even so, I think most of the pages should come out fine with b&w laser printer. I think DOG is the only exception. If you cannot see the map properly, leave me a comment and I'll try to sort something out for you.

Set your hole puncher to A5 size. Note that the little black line should NOT be in the middle of the hole puncher. It's there to show the middle of the page. Punch the holes and bind into a ring binder. :)

Saving the pictures:
Right-click, Save As. Remember to save the pages where you can find them, usually in a folder in My Documents! :)

Feel free to contact me if you find any mistakes or weird spelling. I'll try to fix it.


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