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Photos of today. :)

My little sister was here today, because they had athletics competition here, and I borrowed her camera. :)
Spring is here, warm and beautiful, and this must be one of my favourite times in the year: when the leaves are still tiny enough not to cover all sun, but still large enough to give shade, if you need it. And all the trees in full bloom! And, and, dandelions! :D
But, enough of talking!

Just the order again I took the photos. :)

As I hit enter accidentally before I wrote location or music in, I also didn't put photos behind a cut. Sorry. Doing that now. :P



Something bad happened yesterday. We were playing backgammon with Frank, and I was losing - and because I was tired, I was crap at hiding my disappointment. :( We had an argument and Frank feels really depressed now, even if I have told him several times that I am sorry I acted like a fool and I would like to forget it.

As I know (well, almost) what it feels like to be depressed, I know it is very hard to do something then, hard to believe that you are worthy, that you deserve happiness and that you are a good person overall. And that is, I believe, how Frank feels now. The worst thing is, as he told me yesterday, that because of his work and years of depression, he simply has to analyse all things other people tell him, and find the hidden meanings - bad meanings. :/ And as he has always been a person who believes only (in) the things he has thought straight in his own mind, it is hard for him to believe that someone could genuinely like him, without any selfishness. Add it to the depression and you find a problem almost impossible to solve. :(

But, we here have no reason to only act nicely, because we want something from him, right? We - well, at least my friends who know Frank - like him just because what and who he is - a kind, knowledgeable, helpful man, whom I personally love the most. I want him to be happy, and it breaks my heart seeing him being sad like that. (Especially when I caused it myself. D': )

So I am asking you, my friends, to go and tell him why you like him. You can write into his LJ, so everyone could see, or send him emails or real snail mail, whatever. If you don't have his address, I can give it to you. Please tell him why he is your friend. He should understand that we don't make compliments just to make him feel bad, on the contrary, we want him to feel happy. :S :)

Frank, I love you. You are the best and wisest man I've ever known (to use Watson's words ;), and your knowledge, kindness and love have made my world so much better over the last 8 months. I love you. You bad voices, who keep telling him he is not worthy, GO AWAY! Leave my man alone!! >:/ No matter what, I can overcome all th arguments, because I love you. I can cope with the bad things because I love you. I forget the sad moments, because I am looking forward to the good times we will have together. Because I love you. It's as simple as that. *hugs you and kisses you and holds you tightly*



Happy Birthday!! :D

After long arduous day I finally reached the scanner! :)
My first comic-like card, to tribute elina_kivimaki's fabulous holmesian cartoons!
Warm birthday wishes, Elina! 22 is a *very* good year!! *hugs*

(and yes, I know that Holmes looks strange on the last pic, but I have always drawn him in profile until now.. ;))


Friends only

From now on, I am going to "Friends only". All this "excitement" lately has made me somewhat cautious. And there are (at least) two people I don't want to read about my personal life and love. Yes, love, because they had big issue with it. I am not locking all the previous threads, though. You still should see with whom you want to become friends. :D

Feel free to add me and just leave a comment here. :)

Your Iris,
very sincerely

Yet another drawing

Added the Holmesian drawing to my art-blog mosaiik.

All my friends who you are interested in my art, please do friend this community, because I won't post my art here anymore; and maybe only 1 or 2 more notes about posting something there. Thank you in advance! :)

dying into sleep

You probably knew this ages ago, but

Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor Who, has played Sherlock Holmes in 1981 TV mini series of HOUN.
Read more here.
There are also some funny quotes, like this:  [On the "Doctor Who" (1963) serial "The Talons of Weng-Chiang"]: "The BBC is very good at period drama but not very good at giant rats." :D

new dr. Who fan (you simply have to love the music! xD)
EDIT: This post is public now. People have rights to see the point of view of every party. And share their opinions; if they wish, of course.

As you can see, my dear friends, I am "suspended" from HN again. Because of my last post in "Shared joy" thread. All HNers, you can go and read for yourself. Because I can't anymore. All non-HNers can read about it here. There are also links to the original "spat".

The original circumstances, and "reasons". My point of view of the whole story - I am not claiming that this is 100% right. I just have to get this finally out of me.
I joined HN in the end of August, just before starting my new job. I loved this place, everyone there were so friendly. But there was one special man I noticed from the beginning, and I thought about him a LOT. Then, finally, on Oct 9th I was finally courageous enough to write him, and we became friends. This wonderful and very special friend is frankymole. We became very close really quickly, and noticed that we had lots of things in common. These were the happy times, but life had its own plans. :P
Frank had had a stroke on Nov 14th, and he had been in hospital several weeks. In the beginning of December, just a bit after he got out, Chat wrote him and told him if he could tell me to not to talk so much about my private life. Frank was unpleasantly surprised and tried to protect me, which lead to C&Co to tell him that they don't like him - a mod - being a friend to a member, i.e. me. And, in fact, us being "in love" is making them sick (as do the "emo-threads") and we should really post only holmesian things there. There was a quarrel, Frank called me in the morning and woke me up, telling that he is going to leave HN. I, naturally was shocked, and wanted to persuade him not to, saying that if he will, then I have to do this, too. He still started a "good bye" thread, lots of people answered and told us not to leave. As soon as Chat noticed, she deleted the thread. SolitaryRider and Reichenbach tried to express their disapproval, but we all were suspended by the next morning. I was fool enough to crawl a bit and ask if they please would take me back. I was on a "noviciate", though, my posts had to be approved. I behaved, of course, because I hoped that things will be the same again. *blond and naive me* xD I even asked them to take SolitaryRider and Reichenbach back, because it was not their fault. But every time I went back, I just felt that the place is never the same again... :( Without Frank. And, of course, without proper reasons, because they never told me really what was wrong, what I had done, or what could I do to make things better, even if I asked several times. (And I got the impression that my posts had caused the original quarrel!) I felt constantly that I will say something wrong. :( I even didn't visit the place anymore. :S But, the day before yesterday I wanted to do that, still. Because my dear Frank had been here, with me, in real life (yay!), and I wanted to share that joy. I wanted to see how many people still remember him there. I wanted to praise him *blushes*, because he is *SO GOOD*! And maybe, just a little maybe I wanted to stir things up a bit again. Then I made my second post, and as before - I was given a "warning", just before they suspended my account for a year. Again. :P

I am really sick and tired of these games. It seems that the president of Russia is right - Americans preach democracy, but in the same time they don't want to learn that themselves, they only want to control the world. (Of course, as Russia did it for 50 years, Putin should know what he is talking about. :P)

I sent a request to London Cabbie, asking if they finally could "unregister" me. Because, as I said, I don't feel comfortable there anymore. Every time I went back to HN in the past 2 months, I only felt hypocrisy there, I couldn't understand how they can be so happy, when they have caused so much pain. :'( (Yes, I mean you, Chat and Cookies.) I don't want to think of me as a revengeful person, but I tell you, I will never forget what they did to Frank and how they treated us and our friends. (I am good at bearing grudge, yes). *shakes fist and swears like navvy* :P :P They will never know about the pain and concern when I tried to sort things out and had to keep Frank talking to me on that night, because he was really close to giving up, at one point. On Dec 4th it was only three weeks after his stroke! :O He had to go back to the hospital because of this shock, afterwards. :'( I was awake almost 24 hours, talking to all people, all friends of mine from HN, in MSN, or via emails. Many of them are still with me, here in LJ. Thank you! :) *hugs all*

I am in one of my shittiest moods at the moment. All this original surprise and sadness came back into my mind today. So I even don't want to apologise because of all the anger in this post. Have to get this finally out of me. Too much. Too much. Too much hypocrisy in the past few months. *rablerambleramble*

People still in HN, beware. Happiness and love are not appreciated there. And we still have not seen proper reasons or apologies. The "Big Sister" is watching you! And, as I have seen in 3 posts now - and in the members-only forum rules, which were written there after banning us, too -  there are sentences that could be read as "you are not allowed to express your disapproval, because you are not paying the bill"!

One good thing in the day, though. :) Received a wonderful gift. "The Storykeeper Cameo" (see my avatar)  - a pendant necklace with Iris the Writer, painted by Selina Fenech. :) Thank you, dear! *kisses and hugs all over*

And, the Sentence of the Day, fom my online dictionary: :D
"Great minds run in great circles". ;)


P.S. Kudos to London Cabbie, who was helpful and tried to sort things out, really. She didn't cuss in Frank's LJ, and "smoothed" things in HN after this split. LC, if you are reading this, then I apologise again that things had to end like that and I appreciate very much what you did (or at least tried to do) for me. I am sorry that I let you down, but now I know it would have been better if I had left in December already. You do good, ;) and every forum could use a mod like you. Good luck! :)

What?? Are you joking?

A joke from newspaper "Postimees" today:

An American millionaire wants to buy a castle in England. He asks the landlord: "I have heard that it's a haunted castle. Is it true?"
"Of course not!" sais the lord offendedly. " I have lived here over 500 years, and I have never seen any ghosts!"




Interests collage... Woohoo! :)

Needs no words...

Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo  , Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424 



HN is my browser´s home page.

I was very upset and surprised and clueless when I found out today that my account had been suspended. Luckily, London Cabbie was as nice and sent me an email asking if I really wanted to leave.

I tell you, I don´t. I still think that I don´t understand all this correctly, but obviously the whole problem had something to do with me from the beginning. Sadly, this stupid misunderstanding lead Frankymole and Chat to hate each other, and we were suspended, with SolitaryRider (edit: and Reichenbach) - this fact surprises me the most.

I answered to Cabbie - I really appreciate her acting yesterday - that she didn´t get involved in this awful fight on Frank´s LJ - and said her that if there were any ways I still could be in HN, then they should tell me.

Well, I´m back in. And I have a noviciate. :P For 20 days. My posts have to be approved. That apparently means that I cannot post about "this matter", as it involved only several members. I tell you. I wasn´t about to do that anyway. Actually, I told several people yesterday just to leave it alone. If they wrote what they wrote - then it was only their choice.

But I tell you this. This is my LJ and I can say everything out loud here. If anyone wants to come over from HN and read it - again it is their choice.

I can see huge misunderstandings here. And obviously the truth is somewhere out there. But I am going to stay in HN because I want to honour my friend. And that friend is Frank. He was moderator in HN just 24 hours ago. When I was about to leave on Tuesday, *HE* was the one who called me and told me not to leave. He spent his time and money just to make me feel better. Well. I don´t want his time and money to be wasted. I want to honour him, and even if he is banned now, I am going to stay in HN, whatever they tell me to do. If I have to be more quiet - fine. Want me to edit my posts - just ask me, I had never any problem with that. (Funnily - noone has asked yet, though they told that *this* was the main problem in the beginning!) Want me to stay quiet about my personal life? Well... I can say this is a bit harder, but no problem with that as well.

To honour Frank, I am going to stay in HN, as long as they let me, and post on behalf of him - I´ll try to read more myself, and make some more knowledgeable posts, will try to make HN a happier, wiser place, with all my heart.

So this is to Frank, to a kind, warm, insightful, knowledgeable man, who got banned just because he tried to protect me. For you, my friend. I hope you understand and appreciate this.

very sincerely

P.S. All impolite comments will be deleted. This is MY home. Behave.

I am a Coyote! :D

My animal guiding spirit is Coyote

According to shamanistic wisdom, coyotes are the animal world's trickster. Coyote people have a way with words, and a unique way of seeing the world. Never ones to take things at face value, coyote people question authority with sly jokes. Luckily, their wit usually keeps them out of serious trouble. Coyote people often prefer to have a few close friendships instead of lots of casual ones.

If you are true to type, you probably have a wry sense of humor and are the first to weigh in with a sarcastic joke. People who don't know you well may not get your sense of humor, which may have gotten you into trouble here or there... unless you used that old Coyote charm to get out of it...

Hmm... seems to be quite true again.

Iris, sincerely

P.S. Thanks to snowgrouse for this ;)

Classical music

They are going to delete my account in kultuur.edu.ee server in the end of December, so I cannot upload music there anymore. But, as a last gift, I wanted to give something nice to you, to all "Libera me" lovers, and Christmas lovers, and because the Advent time is coming.

Most of these songs/pieces fit into the mood of the Christmas time. There are pieces from the Middle Ages, and also from Renaissance. Enjoy! (The pieces marked with *** are my absolute personal favourites, of course I like others too :)

Rondellus is an Estonian mediaeval music band. (Also name of a certain song/poem in the Middle Ages)
***Daci el venne messo novello (Il laudario di Cortona, XIII c.) - a song about angel Gabriel coming to bring the good news
***Nostra phalanx (Codex Calixinus, Santiago de Compostela XII c.) - in praise of St. James

Olde Hansa is a mediaeval restaurant in Tallinn, very beautiful and has the right vibes. :) And they released a cd few years ago. (These are very "secular". I used to listen to them when I read "The Hobbit" ;)
*Chanconetta Tedescha (Walther von der Vogelweide)
***Che fato pora (Anonymous XV c. spanish)
*Ductia (Anonymous XIII c. english)
***Ecco la primavera (Francesco Landini)
*Propinian de Meyor (Anonymous XII c. spanish)
***Stella splendens (Anonymous XIV c. spanish)
*Virelai: Je vivroie liement (Guillaume de Machaut)

Italian Renaissance music, performed by Shirley Rumsey
(I have the lyrics for these somewhere, too, must find them)
***A la guerra a la guerra (Bartolomeo Tromboncino)
***Cara cossa (Marco Dall´Aquila)
*El Grillo (Josquin Desprez)
*Fantasia no. 16 (Francesco da Milano)
***Fontana che dai acqua (Giovanni Domenico Nola)
***O mia cieca e dura sorte (Marchetto Cara)
*Ti partir cuor mio caro (Fillippo Azzaiolo)

Music from the first three CDs of (IIRC) "2000 years of music" by Harmonia Mundi
1st CD - The first centuries of our era
***A l´entrada del temps clar (Anonymous troubadour XII c.)
*Flete Flenda (chancon morale - Carmina Burana XIII c.)
***Voulez vous que je vous chante (Anonymous trouvere)

2ndCD - The reign of polyphony
*Alleluia: A newe work (Ars nova XV c. english)
***Deus miserus hominis (Magister Perotinus, the school of Notre-Dame XIII c.)
*Honte, paour, doubtance (Guillaume de Machaut)
***Kyrie: Kyria christifera (English Lady Mass XIII-XIV c.)
***Requiem eternam dona eis Domine (Johannes Ockeghem)

3rdCD - The music of the Renaissance
*Au vert bois je m´en iray (Clement Janequin)
***Belle qui tient ma vie - pavane (D´Arbeau)
***Canzon X (Giovanni Gabrielli)
***Fifth Royal Estampie (I do not know the author, even don´t know if he is unknown :D)
***Greensleeves (Anonymous)
***Il est bel et bon (Pierre Passereau)
*Lamentations de Jeremie (Orlando di Lasso)
***** :D Le chant des oyseaulx (Clement Janequin) (It means "The song of birds", roughly translated, I love it!)
***Missa Pange Lingua - O salutaris (Josquin Desprez)
***Tant que vivray (Claudin de Sermisy)
***Un jeune moine est sorti du couvent (Orlando di Lasso)
***Une puce j´ay dedans l`oreille (Orlando di Lasso)

Huh. That´s all :)
They´ll stay there until my account is deleted, I believe to the end of December.

very sincerely and humbly
*hopes you like these*


Rest in peace, Dajan Ahmet!

One of Estonian greatest comedy actors was killed on Saturday in a car accident. I am wordless. Too much emotions. He was so warm and funny. Rest in peace.

Happy anniversary, Jeremy Brett!

I have not enough words to thank you for all the things you did for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so glad you had the time to spend it with us. We will not forget you. We love you, Jeremy! Iris, utterly happy and thankful

Yellow Submarine

One of my all time favourites!
Beatles are the best! :)

So, here it is: the whole cartoon through the songs :)
(Thanks to all youtubin´ pirates! :P)

The Beginning... (Someone made me a birthady present this year! And I didn´t even know! :D)
Eleanor Rigby
All Together Now (You have to be logged in to see that one)
When I´m Sixty-Four
Only a Northern Song (Very poor quality, yet the best I could find)
Nowhere Man
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band (The song is in the middle of this video, the best I could find)
All You Need is Love
Hey Bulldog
It´s All Too Much
All Together Now (The ending)

Making of "Yellow Submarine"

And now - something completely different:
Lovely Rita (Pretty nice music video :P)
Beatles in "The Simpsons" (Anyone else feel like having "John Lemon" or "Mango Starr"? :P)
Ringo in "The Simpsons" (I really love him there!)
Paul in "The Simpsons"
George in "The Simpsons"

Our Solar System xD



Klinger, Klinger!

I finally got me "Teh New Annotated Sherlock Holmes", edited by Leslie S. Klinger... My God! Now I am totally happy! *silly smile and silly dance*
(And have another way by which I can be recognized as a Sherlockian: 8. Owns at least 3 different copies of the complete Canon. Okay, okay, I do not have the Estonian version of "Adventures", but still!)

naturally high

P.S. I llove books!

Jeremy Brett picture spam ;)

My dear Vipersunjoy, would this do? It´s pretty much the best I can do with it. (Stupid hat stripes! ;P)



What a lovely thing a rose is!

I just got my "The Original Illustrated "Strand" Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Facsimile Edition" - yay!

I finally got me complete Sherlock Holmes in English! And I hope my Klinger is on the way already, too... ;) It is SO darn GOOD to watch the Granada episodes with wonderful mista Brett and read the canon aside :)

As for the Rose - see this. :)

Jeremy Brett died 11 years ago

Exactly 11 years ago Jeremy Brett passed away. He died, while sleeping, because of heart failure.

I am sad. Not very much, though. He was the kind of person who doesn´t want people to be sad. He said once: "To make people laugh is the greatest gift of all."

So, I am not sad. I just remember and honour him for what he did for us.

He was a brilliant actor. He will remembered because of his Sherlock Holmes, but there were so many other roles - Freddie Eynsworth-Hill in My Fair Lady; Nicholas Rostov in War and Peace; Macbeth; d´Artagnan; several roles in the TV-shows of the 70´s; Bassanio, Count Danilo, Lord Byron... not to mention the roles in theatre. It is a bit strange that he, after playing in W&P & MFL, didn´t get famous in Hollywood. Also, he was one of the candidates to play James Bond in "Live and let die". They picked Roger Moore instead. But maybe, if he had been casted for this role, we couldn´t watch him as SH now.

Jeremy Brett also was a beautiful man. Not handsome, beautiful. His facial features were just perfect, also he was tall and slim - esthetically beautiful. Englishman with perfect accent, with rolling R-s. He had perfect pronounciation and enounciation because of the speech defect he had in childhood. When he went to drama school, he had to learn to speak again, and after that, as he said himself, there weren´t a single day where he hadn´t done his speech exercises.

He has affected my life even if I have to admit I haven´t seen one single movie he´s playing in. He was just so remarkable man. I´ve come to love him through the photos, screencaps and written interviews. Thank you for being there, Jeremy!

Thank you, thank you thank you, and now on with the motley, whatever that means. - "Message from Jeremy to his Friends", from the memorial service 1995.

Some lyrics

I´ve recently discovered Era again.
Their "Hymne" is one of the most positive songs I´ve ever heard.
I do not understand the lyrics, but they must be talking about good things.

And the other song I like, from their first album:


Been there, done that...

Finally I managed to change my LJ theme and make an entry.
I´m still new here, and learning.
Keep in touch! :)


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