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*Life in the Bookshelf*

Iris in the Net

Iris Holmes
The main reason I´m here, is the Jeremy Brett community.

I´m from a little country named Estonia, in the Eastern Europe, but at the moment I am living in England with my lovely gentleman friend Frank and our daughter Emily. :) *tiny yay*
I have studied to be a propmaster.
I love to listen to the music, especially classical, and progressive rock. Another favourite - Björk. Folk music is great, too.
Love to read! Favourites here - sci-fi, detective novels, adventures. And I have discovered children books again. Also, I think crosswords are a very good way to keep your brain busy. :)
Like to dance. I´ve invented my own silly dance (like silly walk :P)
I like to make things. That´s what I´ve learned to in university. Like to design with computer.


17th century, 1960's, 1984, 221b baker street, adventure games, adventure stories, ancient history, antiques, art, audrey hepburn, baroque music, beatles, berlioz, björk, blackadder, board games, books, cartoons, castles, cats, celtic music, chain mail, chocolate, clannad, classical music, clement janequin, clifford d. simak, cloudberry jam, colin jeavons, comedy, costume history, crosswords, david burke, detective stories, dickens, disc world, doctor who, doll's houses, douglas adams, dr. watson, dr. who, drawing, earrings, edward hardwicke, elp, elric of melnibone, england, english literature, enigma, enya, escher, estonia, estonian mittens, fairytales, fanart, fantasy, farside, forests, frank zappa, games, garfield, gregorian music, handicrafts, harry potter, hhgttg, history, holmesian, icons, irish music, james herriot, jeremy brett, jethro tull, john howe, jules verne, klimt, knights, laughter, laurel and hardy, lenin, lestrade, london, lord of the rings, lotr, maurice ravel, mediaeval armour, mediaeval music, mediaeval weapons, michael ende, middle ages, milos macourek, monty python, mozart, music, music history, mussorgsky, mystery case files, myths and legends, nancy drew, nature, old movies, old things, optical toys, orange juice, painting, paper dolls, persuaders, pets, philosophy, photography, photoshop, poirot, pratchett, progressive rock, puzzles, quantum leap, quizzes, radio, reading, robin of sherwood, roger moore, sarcasm, science fiction, seventies, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sherlockian, sidney paget, sixties, sleep, soviet times, tangerines, tchaikovsky, tea, theatre, tolkien, tom baker, umberto eco, uriah heep, viljandi folk, vintage, vintage board games, vinyl records, walking, wigwam (finnish rockband), writing, yes, zoetrope